SHE is loved!!

It was after hours and the Just 4 Dad’s class was meeting in the Pregnancy Care Center classroom.  I was sitting at my desk checking emails when I heard our front door open.  I looked up to see a young girl with dark hair and a backpack slung over one shoulder, about 15 years of age, walk into our waiting room.  As I got up to greet her at the front counter I noticed a hospital ID band around her wrist.  She asked, “Are you closed already?”  I confirmed we were but smiled as I asked how I could help her.   She needed a pregnancy test and wanted to know if I could recommend a doctor.  She quickly looked away each time our eyes met, yet otherwise she carried herself confidently.  I shared with her that our services are always free and we could indeed offer her a pregnancy test the next day during office hours.  I handed her a brochure with our phone number to make an appointment and our locations as I asked if she lived close by.  She replied, “I live a few different places.”  My heart sank as I understood that this young beautiful girl was on the streets, obviously alone and scared, and worried about pregnancy.

SHE is just one of many.  Since January 1st of this year we have provided 2067 pregnancy tests for our clients.  Numerous women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy are alone, scared and worried about their future.  They all have a choice to make.  Yes, I used the word “choice”.  You see, every woman (or couple) has one of three choices to make for each pregnancy that occurs, parenting, making an adoption plan, or termination.  The right to choose is the right to know and understand the choice.   It is our call to provide pregnancy option counseling and educate women before decisions are made that cannot be undone…before decisions are made that bring about regret, depression, grief and shame.

By the age of 45 one-third of women in the United States will have had an abortion.  The effect on them is life-changing.  Does ending a pregnancy erase a pregnancy, or rather, change the outcome?  Many women make the choice to terminate without understanding, without thinking it through, without believing they have options.  Many make the choice without taking a breath between a positive pregnancy test and termination.  Pregnancy Care Center offers her a place to take that breath.

I sat at my desk after SHE left and I prayed for her.  I thought about who she might be.  Were her parents sleepless at night wondering about her whereabouts?  Was she running or hiding from abusive situations?  Who was this young girl?  Then I remembered…SHE is God’s creation, created in the very image of her Creator.  SHE is valuable…so very valuable that God knit her together in her mother’s womb and ordained her days before even one of them came to be.  God’s thoughts for her are as numerous as the grains of sand.  SHE is loved!!   And, SHE is every client who walks through our door.

She, along with every client experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, needs compassionate care, options and support.  What they need even more is someone to see them… Really SEE them, as God SEES them. As one deeply loved, created in the image of God, and for relationship with God.  As someone who God has plans for to prosper and not harm but give hope and a future.  When we value her as God’s child and share with her God’s love and truth, she can then begin to hold those same life-changing, life-saving thoughts for her own unborn child.

God’s unconditional love and value for her is why Pregnancy Care Center exists.


Kristi Burkhart