April Flowers . . .

thRJA9DQHQby Jesseca Ford (PASS Coordinator)

I love that April has been named Abortion Recovery Month. Not just because it gives the recovery a marker to hold on to but because April is about hope for life in bloom. Women who have had an abortion are in such turmoil and heartache. Even those women who do not view their abortion(s) as a mistake are still so deeply affected by their choice. Through my time as PASS Coordinator I’ve seen many types of women come to the Bible studies: Some afraid to hope, some afraid to speak up because they feel to ashamed to lift their heads. As the weeks go by their hearts begin to heal and the shame, heartache, pain and guilt melt away. In the place of all the darkness that is being lifted, hope, grace, mercy come in. Healing overflows the women’s heart as God’s love blossoms within them.

God’s desire is for all of us to know His love and mercy. We as a community have the opportunity to reach out to the broken post abortive women and help them through their healing process. Each woman’s healing journey is different just like God has created us differently. I greatly encourage you to pray for the women you know who are post abortive and educate yourself on how to help her along in the process of healing. This path she will take, it will not be easy for her and she will need you as a fellow believer to pray for her, encourage her in her healing. Just like the flowers need good soil, water and care to grow into something so beautiful so a woman’s heart needs the same care to become who God has created her to be.


A new session of PASS “Forgiven and Set Free” will begin on April 25th.  If interested contact Jesseca at jesseca@pregnancycarecenter.com.