• $5.99 each Each day, 3,300 wake up in America believing abortion is the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy. In the wake of this tragic decision, a human life is ended, and a woman’s life is changed forever. We support one woman at a time, sparing her and her unborn child the anguish of abort[...]
  •    Christ’s birth and His life are critical to our understanding the value of life and also the ministry of Pregnancy Care Center.  JESUS, the Son of God, was immaculately conceived in a young woman’s womb, not yet married to her betrothed.  This would be to the world “a crisis pregnancy,” yet very [...]
  • by Jesseca Ford (PASS Coordinator) I love that April has been named Abortion Recovery Month. Not just because it gives the recovery a marker to hold on to but because April is about hope for life in bloom. Women who have had an abortion are in such turmoil and heartache. Even those women who do n[...]
  • A client came in broken hearted due to a previous miscarriage. She was nervous about being pregnant again. Her client advocate was able to share with her the hope and spiritual healing that only God can bring.  Her advocate assured her that there was nothing she had done to cause the miscarriage. Sh[...]
  • There are many people who pass through our doors, and although we seek to love them all, the faces do blend as the months pass. Girls, women, mothers, daughters, friends come to the Pregnancy Care Center, each with her own story and experiences, each with her own hopes and fears. We are just one sma[...]
  • Oh, we admire life's beauty. We see it in morning rains. We hear it in the cooing of mourning doves. We see it in the magnificent Grand Canyon or the delicate Eiffel Tower. We feel it in the kiss of sunshine and even in our morning coffee. We sense it in the humbling expanse of the ocean and the[...]
  • Each year we decide on a new theme, which includes a new verse and a new image and design. As we were deciding what should follow 2013’s “Believe,” almost universally STRENGTH came to mind. As we’ve recently launched our new men’s program and as we look into the future in general, we are striving for a strong culture, a strong ministry, and strong families.

    I was reflecting on this theme as I considered our banquet fundraiser, which is coming up on March 18th, and how this thread seems supernaturally to make itself known in each area. We booked Gianna Jessen as our speaker long before we considered the 2014 theme. As you may know, Gianna Jessen is actually an abortion survivor. But she has gone on to do more than you might expect: a singer and songwriter, as well as public speaker who shares about her experiences, and perhaps most impressive, a marathoner!

    Even now it is becoming all clear. On the one hand, who would think that Gianna Jessen could represent strength? But on the other hand, who could be stronger than one who, even before birth, survived an attempt upon her life? It is just like our Lord who puts wisdom into the mouths of babes and who uses the weak things of this world to shame the strong. These are seeming paradoxes that ultimately reveal the deeper truth: God is most glorified in our weaknesses.

  • We want wrap ourselves up in this word, and for all that it seems a blanket too small. We seek to clothe ourselves in it, yet feel exposed. We try to warm ourselves by its fire, but leave chilled. Like the medieval hunt for the hart, it always seems just beyond our horizon in the disappearing po[...]
  • It was after hours and the Just 4 Dad’s class was meeting in the Pregnancy Care Center classroom.  I was sitting at my desk checking emails when I heard our front door open.  I looked up to see a young girl with dark hair and a backpack slung over one shoulder, about 15 years of age, walk into o[...]
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the moms and bonus moms reading our newsletter!   Mothering is real and important work, and it starts at the moment of conception when LIFE begins.  Can I share with you a bit of my personal story regarding my dear moms and being a mom? Over 50 years ago my birth mom made a [...]
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