May 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms and bonus moms reading our newsletter!   Mothering is real and important work, and it starts at the moment of conception when LIFE begins.  Can I share with you a bit of my personal story regarding my dear moms and being a mom?

Over 50 years ago my birth mom made a decision for life and took that one step further by, not just giving me life but, making a plan for my life.  Her decision was selfless, thoughtful, and brave.  I imagine she dreamed of my future; and I know she desired to set me up for success, stability, and love.  It is so clear to me the hand of my Savior was in it all.  I mean truly… have you met my parents? They are all I could ask for and a gift to me!!  As Paul says in Acts 20:24, I am eager “to testify to God’s grace in my life.”  And it doesn’t end there…

I have experienced the blessed life of an adopted child, the path of our own unexpected pregnancy before our wedding, and the grief of losing a dear and close friend to suicide after two regretful abortions that contributed to her hopelessness.  I’ve also experienced the full joy of growing our family through adoption, and the fear of walking the difficult journey with our own daughter who not only chose life but also made an adoption plan for her precious son.  And He, my Loving Father, and Faithful Savior has walked with me, with us, through it all!

I am willing to bet that I am not alone in experiencing many of these life events.  These are not just my stories… these stories, involving the issue of healthy relationships and the Sanctity of LIFE, belong to us all!  God has a plan to prosper us.  His Will for you and me is good and perfect through it all.

He chose you before the foundations of the earth.  He not only gave you life but provided a way of salvation for you through Jesus before you were even a twinkle in your mother’s eye. Your heart was beating in your mother’s womb at 22 days after conception … just when she was realizing you existed.  You had inherited characteristics that make you a unique, special, and an UNREPEATABLE person!

These facts are true for you and for me and for every client that walks through the doors of Pregnancy Care Center.  PCC desires to share at every opportunity the truth to our clients of their uniqueness and value as a completely UNREPEATABLE person and offering her or him hope for life in Jesus.  The love and truth we share with our clients of their value and “unrepeatableness” is life-changing, and when they get it … then those truths go beyond them and reach into the womb to their unborn child.

Thank you for investing in LIFE and standing in the gap with us for the precious Moms who walk into PCC with an unrepeatable new life growing in their womb.