STRENGTH and The PCC Banquet


Each year we decide on a new theme, which includes a new verse and a new image and design. As we were deciding what should follow 2013’s “Believe,” almost universally STRENGTH came to mind. As we’ve recently launched our new men’s program and as we look into the future in general, we are striving for a strong culture, a strong ministry, and strong families.

I was reflecting on this theme as I considered our banquet fundraiser, which is coming up on March 18th, and how this thread seems supernaturally to make itself known in each area. We booked Gianna Jessen as our speaker long before we considered the 2014 theme. As you may know, Gianna Jessen is actually an abortion survivor. But she has gone on to do more than you might expect: a singer and songwriter, as well as public speaker who shares about her experiences, and perhaps most impressive, a marathoner!

Even now it is becoming all clear. On the one hand, who would think that Gianna Jessen could represent strength? But on the other hand, who could be stronger than one who, even before birth, survived an attempt upon her life? It is just like our Lord who puts wisdom into the mouths of babes and who uses the weak things of this world to shame the strong. These are seeming paradoxes that ultimately reveal the deeper truth: God is most glorified in our weaknesses.