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Our Promise

Welcome to Pregnancy Care Center! This organization is dedicated to serving women, as well as their families and partners, who come seeking help in making decisions about their pregnancies and related concerns. Your future is important to us. As such, we make the following promises to every person who walks  through our doors, without regard to age, ethnicity, income, sexual preference, lifestyle choices, or spiritual beliefs. 

We will treat you with respect.

Your story will be listened to with respect and kindness, and without judgement, ridicule, or rejection. We will respect your beliefs and you have the right to refuse information you do not wish to receive. We expect the same respect from our patients. You have the right to leave our office at any time and are welcome to reschedule, if desired.

We will protect your privacy.

All information shared will be held in strict and absolute confidence, except in the rare circumstances when prohibited by law and when necessary to protect people from imminent harm. Your appointment with us is confidential regardless of age or circumstances. 

We will not pressure you. 

No one should pressure you to make a decision about your pregnancy or sexual choices. You have the right to get the information you need to make informed choices. We understand that sometimes making decisions is difficult. We will take all the time you need to answer all your questions, openly and honestly. 

We will always be truthful with you.

You will receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, sexual health issues, and related concerns. Pregnancy Care Center does not provide, refer for, or recommend abortion, but the staff at Pregnancy Care Center is committed to providing medically accurate information about abortion procedures and risks. The right to choose is the right to know. 

We will never charge for services. 

All services are provided at no cost to our clients. Pregnancy Care Center is privately funded by individuals, churches, businesses, private grants, and fundraisers. The staff at Pregnancy Care Center considers it a pleasure to serve our community with the services provided. We will never request donations or payments from our clients, regardless of the pregnancy outcome. As such, Pregnancy Care Center does not profit from the choice a client makes regarding her pregnancy. 

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